Super Bowl Halftime

It’s halftime. It’s a FOOTBALL FIELD. Football players play on this field. Except at halftime when the field becomes a hug stage – a plastic-wood-steel or something stage rolled out to the middle of the field. That can’t be good for the grass.

On the grass itself are marching bands, Beyonce and 40 other women with boots bouncing around on the football player’s field.

This can’t be good for the guys in the locker room, wondering which hole they might step into in the second half.

Has the NFL Players Union asked for an end to this? Has the union stood up for the players’ safety? Nope. It’s about money, not concussions, hips, or legs – except for Beyonce’s.

I confess. I love football. I know I shouldn’t. But I do. I don’t like concussions. I don’t like halftimes. But I still like a great play. Great plays take place in the first and second halves. I regret that halftime entertainment makes the second half less safe than the first.

  • Just a thought from an as yet unrepentant football fan waiting for the second half in 2016. Go Payton. Finish the game without injury. Then run for your life from the NFL! Gordon C. Stewart, Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016.







2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Halftime

  1. Just saw an interview with “The Nation’s” sports writer Jim? Zinran on “Democracy Now”. He gave a desc of the real meaning behind the Beyonce part of the half time show. A video had been released earlier in the day by Beyonce. The X formation in the half time show actually referred to Malcolm X & the dancing was about the liberation of Black women. The video release from earlier in the day included many scenes from NOLA, Katrina & the relationship to “Black Lives Matter”.


    • Wow, Gary, that adds a bit of divine flavor to the show, doesn’t it! Maybe God showed up at halftime and I missed it!!! So much for self-righteousness. I just wrote a piece about that BEFORE seeing your comment. Should have read the comment first for a mea culpa.😅


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