Verse – The Word-Supple Couple


There once was a dissatisfied couple
whose way with words was quite supple.
An Ermine was he; a Eunice was she.
“I hate being “Ermine,” said he;
“I hate being Eunice,” said she.
With Plato in hand, they looked
and they looked for a new name
to couple the word-supple couple,
so it was that Ermine and Eunice gave
birth to the world’s first Hermeneutics.

  • Gordon (with apologies!), Tampa, FL, Jan. 21, 2016

NOTE: Read “Hermeneutics” posted moments ago.


11 thoughts on “Verse – The Word-Supple Couple

  1. Want to take on semiotics? I have looked that up at least 7 times, and still can’t remember what it means. (Same with hermeneutics, but I think I’ll remember now.😄


    • Jim, I understand. It’s just one of those posts that came to me in a moment of temporary insanity. It happens more frequently these days. Florida especially has a way of doing that. I wake up as Larry David or Lewis Black and have to write.

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