What I Learned During a Difficult Night in Saint Paul

Last Monday I learned of a student’s tragic death in Saint Paul. This morning I read this remarkable reflection. The writer and blog are new to me. I’ve chose to “follow” this site.


Or, One Man’s Defense of Central High School

I first heard the news on Monday afternoon in a text message from my daughter, Elinor. Something awful happened at Central High School – a tragedy affecting a student and a family and a school community and a neighborhood in the city where I live, Saint Paul.

Although she attends a different school, Elinor was troubled deeply by the news. She shared what she’d heard, and I can report now that the tragedy was personal in nature, a health issue. Some of my daughter’s closest friends go to Central, and many of them had direct and personal connections to the child at the center of the crisis. Elinor attended the same middle school as the student involved, and although she did not know him well, this tragedy and its impact on people who mean a lot to her has been primary and…

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1 thought on “What I Learned During a Difficult Night in Saint Paul

  1. Gordon, I read the whole post, then (as it’s my very time-consuming habit to do) read a lengthy portion of the comments. There is a very long (at a guess, a bit longer than the post itself) comment by Rebecca Scott (otherwise unknown to me) that presents another view of the tragedy and of Central and of public schools generally. Her take is valid, I think, but as with many subjects it is easy to find the cracks, potholes etc., it is much harder to find the proper cure. Anyway, two interesting views of the tragedy.

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