Verse – The Ubiquiphone

The Ubiquiphone

The thermometer outside would tell
The temperature, heaven or hell.
The paper brought news.
The neighbors shared views,
But now I just look at my cell.

The mobile that I use instead
Of books that I often had read
Has also replaced,
Has simply erased
The facts that I had in my head.

My computer I never go near–
I’ve not seen my desk for a year.
The next phone that I buy
I’m afraid it will try
To make even my spouse disappear!

  • Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Sept. 13, 2015

2 thoughts on “Verse – The Ubiquiphone

  1. The “war for attention” has finally won. Our minds have now been almost totally colonized by the sacred “free market”. As Arthur C. Clark hypothesized, “we are evolving out of organic existence”. We are trying to escape from death as we virtualize existence & call it progress.


    • Thank you, Gary, for this reminder of Arthur Clark’s statement. Some are preparing to “move” what remains if the human species to Mars when Earth becomes uninhabitable. Duh! We’d better all get with the program of organic existence before reality evaporates into a science fiction novel with no one left to read it.


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