Daily Riches: Today’s Need For an Alternative History (Richard Rohr)

Richard Rohr is a favorite of Views from the Edge. We came upon this post on “Richer by Far” after its host, commented on “The Blogger’s Dilemma: Words and Silence.”

Richer By Far

“The political terms right and left came from the Estates General in France. It’s interesting that now we use them as our basic political categories. On the left sat the ordinary people, and on the right sat the nobility and the clergy! (What were the clergy doing over there?!) I think you see the pattern. The right normally protects the community and the status quo. The left predictably looks for change and reform, and there is a certain need for both or we have chaos. In history you will invariably have these two movements in some form, because we didn’t have the phenomenon of the middle class until very recently. The vast majority of people in all of history have been poor, as in Jesus’ time, and would have read history as a need for change. The people who wrote the books and controlled the social institutions, however, have almost…

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1 thought on “Daily Riches: Today’s Need For an Alternative History (Richard Rohr)

  1. Brilliant, Gordon. Depending on what church he went into at the age of twelve (assuming, a large assumption, that this detailed story is true) he might not have made it to the traditional 33 years. Some people are so certain of their own interpretation of scripture that being challenged by a 12 year old might turn one of them into a spy in the camp.


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