4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Agenda for America

  1. I have heard Bernie Sanders many times and this man speaks to commonsense. I think that you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the middle class that would disagree with him on what the problems are and what we need to do about them. Great post, I hope that more people listen to what Bernie has to say.


    • Thanks for coming by, Dom. He has a clear agenda. How rare is that? That’s what money has done to the American political system. People in Vermont love him because they know he cares about them and because he speaks his mind forthrightly.


  2. I love Bernie Sanders. He hits the nail right on the head. It’s just wrong that one family can barely afford new shoes for their growing child while another cannot spend or even give away all the money that accrues from their investments.


    • Bernie is that rare bird in the U.S. Senate who hasn’t forgotten why he’s there. He’s the only democratic socialist in the Senate, un-beholden to big money. Nobody owns him. Because of that he is free to do and say what others either don’t or can’t. Al Franken here in Minnesota is also a gem.


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