The guns in my own back yard

It’s the eve of Martin King Day. This morning’s Star Tribune tells the story “Murderous ‘monster’ acquires an arsenal” in Carver County, Minnesota. Three cheers to you, Jim Olson, Carver County Sheriff. Thanks to the Star Tribune and other newspapers for keeping us informed.

The Oberender case exposes loopholes in national gun laws and Minnesota’s background checks. Here’s the link to the piece:

Today in worship we will look again at the call of Samuel and the call of Jesus’ first disciples who asked Jesus an odd question. “Where are you staying?”  “Come and see,” he said. I wonder: Are there guns where Jesus lives?

6 thoughts on “The guns in my own back yard

      • I would say the gun lovers would call some of them rifles to hunt deer and “target practice” pistols, aka “Saturday Night Specials”. But I’m not a gun nut, so that is just my opinion, perhaps not technically correct to the manufacturers.


        • Thanks, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, for coming back. Not sure how to take the anonymous part. Anonymity in my experience has meant that critics use mischievous tactics and slurs without responsibility or the courage of accountability. Such things as anonymous notes and letters that threaten a preacher or community leader. I’m sure that’s not what’s behind your anonymity but thought it might be worth sharing. Again, thanks for coming by.


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