Mitt Romney

Moral Mormon, yes, at Church and home.

Is there, though, a hint that he objects

To the rules that women have the same

Trouble with the Priesthood that kept blacks


Restricted out of the Church for years?

Or that Morman kindness to the poor

Might be a good model for the U. S.

Nation?  Can we even up the score?

Everybody knows he’s handsome, smart,

Yes, and  rich–but does he have a heart?

An acrostic verse received this morning from Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL.

6 thoughts on “Mitt Romney

    • Sparks, What I see is very similar to what we saw with the son of George H.W. Mitt’s father, George, once was considered seriously for his party’s nomination for President. He didn’t get there. Never underestimate the power of a son trying to one-up his father.


    • Karin, I never would have thought of this. A spirit of kindness would grant him that. I just wrote a response to Sparks. When you live in your father’s shadow – and it is a VERY big shadow (George Romney was a man of high prinicple who also was considered for his party’s nomination for the Presidency – and your goal is to win, it’s hard not be wooden. Sons who live in the shadow’s of their father’s “greatness” – sons who want to “kill” or “beat” their fathers – often work out their own personal stuff on a very big stage. As one who’s been there, I can testify that the public accomplishment is no personal victory. The release from woodenness comes not from without, but from within. I suspect George W. is a much freer man today than the man who ran for President and tried to one-up his father by finishing his father’s unfinished war with Iraq.


  1. Oh, bravo, Steve. If I tried, which someday I might, but have no time just now, I would try to ask what Mormon rules are on serial lying, or maybe just having no core beliefs at all, just a desire, overwhelming everything else, to be President.


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