HEADLINE: “Swine Can Stay”

“SWINE CAN STAY AT THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR, health officials say”  – StarTribune update Aug. 20, 2012

The Fair opens Thursday. Those who don’t know about the swine flu controversy might think that the Minnesota Department of Health’s decision means that fat political parties and candidates that thrive on slop will once again be welcome at the Fair. Every Fair-goer will be at risk, but, then again, that’s how democracy works. Who’s to say who the swine are?

1227 Stevens Street – Swine Party headquarters

The photo in the article shows 1227 Stevens Street as the address of the Swine Barn with a sign next to the address:

Stay Healthy!

Please wash hands

after visiting the animals.

My home in Chaska is another address threatened by the Swine Flu. I get emails every day in this campaign season. I wash my hands a lot these days but the swine are hard to budge.

Hog at State Fair, St. Paul Pioneer Press

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