A narrow female waist and wider hip

is found to be attractive by the male

across all cultural boundaries.  To slip

a hand around a waist will never fail

to thrill a guy past puberty.  The waist

Need not be small:  the ratio is what counts

according to the anthropologist

as a sign of fertility.  An ounce

of thought, however, makes one think (if this

is what is going on in a male brain)

that pregnancy is not high on his list

of preferred outcomes…  It may be a strain

on his imagination to perceive

what happens to that waist if she conceive.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL. Steve’s Sunday evening program “Keepin’ the Faith” can be heard anytime @ www.will.illinois.edu/keepinthefaith, including archive programs, “two of  which,” says Steve, “feature Gordon C. Stewart, my ‘publisher’.”

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