The Waterbeetle President

Something is dying today at noon Eastern Standard Time.

Not everyone holding their breath on Inauguration Day is . . .  a liberal, a radical, an anarchist, a socialist . . .  a whatever. Click “Trump is the waterbeetle of American politics and he’ll keep on flabbergasting” to read conservative columnist George F. Will‘s Washington Post opinion piece. Wednesday’s Washington Post is worth a read today. So is the NYT photo of the President-Elect and new First Lady in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln (look closely at Lincoln’s face) at the Lincoln Memorial.

I believe in the resurrection of hope. But I experience today as a Good Friday and Holy Saturday kind of day, a day when collective madness delivers the Oval Office and the nuclear codes into the hands of a waterbeetle.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.



4 thoughts on “The Waterbeetle President

    • It was the day America was made littler under the pretense of stealing fire from the gods to make America God. In my tradition nationalism, as opposed to legitimate love of one’s country (i.e. patriotism) is idolatrous. The speech was also an insult to the other presidents on the dais and to everyone who has labored for a more just and peaceable society. Sadness is in order.

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