Mr. Bluster and Mr. Trump

Those who grew up on the Howdy Doody Show will recognize that Mr. Bluster is at it again tonight in DesMoines, Iowa. The only things missing are Buffalo Bob and FOX.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Bluster and Mr. Trump

  1. Well at least Mr. Bluster could stay on one topic for more than one sentence and a dangling clause or two. That’s more than you can say for the Donald. 😝 I was watching the stellar Rachel Maddow. She is soooo good, but she is human. Her one flaw is paying too much attention to crank-it-out cranks with nothing to say, like Trump. On her show she went to “his” rival debate, and stuck with it long, looonnnnngggggg after my brain froze. She is so unfailingly polite; or maybe she wants us to discover for ourselves that he has nothing to say, and says it at excruciating length.

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