A Poet’s Breathing Prayer

Breathing Prayers
8 syllables in, 8 out:

Mysterious Divinity:
Show us what we can know and do.

We have left the path, lost our way:
Forgive us, O God; set us straight.

Loving God, you create, sustain:
give us dreams, energy and skill.

Your grace and love surround us, God:
Help us be grateful, loving, kind.

— — — —

Gracious God, Jesus Christ, Spirit:
Give me (us) peace, patience, joy and love.

Jesus Christ, Child of God, Savior: (teacher)
Have mercy on me, your sister.
(on me, your brother) (on us, your siblings.)
(Have mercy on me, a sinner.)

Holy Spirit, Comforter, Fire:
Mold us, move us, keep us alive.

Our life will soon be over, God:
Remember us in paradise…

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, September 22, 2014

Click HERE for information on the history and practice of breathing prayer and the Jesus Prayer.

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