Birth Certificate Comment

Watch the unedited speech and Scott Pulley’s interview with Mitt Romney after he referenced the birth certificate question in his home state of Michigan.

Click THIS LINK for the clip from the speech and Mr. Romney’s interpretation of in the CBS interview.

Then share with other readers of “Views form he Edge” your comments. What do your eyes and ears tell you?

14 thoughts on “Birth Certificate Comment

    • Karin, I’m so glad you thought of “the other” – that is precisely what’s going on here! I need tor write about this again. I think I’ll go back to Kosuke Koyama’s sermon about the God of the prophets v. the gods that are in our hip pockets, the ones that never criticize “God’s people.” Thank you so much for the reminder. It’s rich.


  1. Romney’s practiced, plastic smile as he lied in that clip, sickened me.

    ‘The Newsroom’ is splendid, truthful entertainment, but it makes me ache for answers that I know we can’t find while corporate selfishness and ad-think contaminates almost everything we see and hear. Romney and the people behind him can say and do whatever they want as long as they remember to execute it with that specific way of lying that somehow keeps the majority of the people immune to the ongoing damages they’ll live with as they blindly believe.


    • Sparks, always good to hear from you. The “plastic smile,” as you described it is increasingly present. No one seems to know what he stands for. The flip flops are not minor. They’re serious flips on important matters. And the right wing has a master at abusing language to stoke fear and cause people to believe them because they wrap the lies in the flag. So sad. Very sad.


  2. Gordon, your “unpatriotic in the extreme” is still very polite. My sister and I have been calling it treason for some time. To do as the Republicans have done, work against the good of most citizens so they will be angry enough to vote Obama out, what is that but treason? There may, I say MAY, be some Republicans who actually think their intransigence and austerity thinking is right for America. But most are bought and paid for by the wealthy, and are intent on turning the U.S. and every country in the world into a third world world. It is funny (or it would be if it were not so frightening) that many in the Tea Party are furious at the United Nations, afraid that we are yielding to some kind of domination by this body which, however corrupt sometimes, was founded to try to avoid wars, and whose branches do much good in trying to allay human suffering, while for some years now the super-wealthy and various nations including, I am sorry to say, our own, have been engaged in negotiations toward a trade treaty, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), that would override U.S. laws far more thoroughly and often than anything the UN has ever done or is capable of doing. I could go on, but I better yield the floor here.


    • Carolyn, I confess that I’m not up to speed on the Trans Pacific Partnership, though I’ve heard criticism of it for just the reason you site. Those criticisms have come from the Tea Party, no? However that may be, I share the deep concern with you and BJ. Those who may read your comment here will want to know, I think, that your folks were Republicans. You grew up in a solidly Republican family.


      • I doubt that many in the Tea Party know of these TPP negotiations. They are being conducted in secret; the trade representatives of, I think, 13 countries with language included that would permit others to join, AND 600, yes that six hundred representatives of corporations, companies, etc. Not a single average person who will be affected by this trade agreement. Some have called it NAFTA on steroids. They are meeting in early September, and apparently are close to agreement. Senators have some kind of description, precis, or something; tellingly the Democratic senator from PA has a much shorter document than the Republican senator. (We have one of each now.) I must confess I have yet to read them. There is a website, which contains about as much truth as one might expect. A dash here, and a dribble there, I suppose. I wish I could remember where I encounter these things, so I could source them. It was the same at work, I knew there was a rule stating ____, but couldn’t remember in what part of the book I saw it. (Did I write too much? The first part has disappeared.)


      • Carolyn, you didn’t write too much for me or other readers – maybe too much for WordPress. I don’t know. If you find the sources, please send them on. The criticisms I have heard of TPP along the way have come, so far as I can remember, from anti-United Nations people who argue that the Obama Administration is conspiring to surrender national sovereignty (i.e., agreements reached internationally render national legislation subservient to the larger “law” of such an agreement). Please share what you can of the material your Senators have sent you. Thanks again for weighing in so thoughtfully.


      • CA, I don’t know what happened to my long reply to your comment about TPP negotiations. Don’t have time now to re-create it. If you have time, please comment again, or send me an email, with sources to research TPP.


      • I am weary of being polite… but I’ll try for a minute. If Mr. Romney can do it, so can I. Mr. Romney and the Republican Party want to take back leadership of our great nation… blah blah (oops, sorry). In the year 2012 there remain tens of millions of Americans who are positive that a non-white president is …so very wrong. How can a good Republican not take advantage of this fact? What’s the worst thing that people will say? What’s important is achieving the presidency. Then we can finally move on with “conservative values.”

        Yes, for the “good of the nation,” Republicans have done their best to prevent progress for the past four years. Yes, Republicans did their best to bring down President Clinton for eight years. So, it was at least twelve years of working to make the Democratic presidents look bad. Was it worth it? Do things go that much better when Republicans lead? No, it’s the opposite… for the majority. If Obama is reelected the Republican Party will continue to “save America” by impeaching the president, regardless of what the outcome may be. I hope that real conservatives regain their party. The neocons and the Tea Party right wing will put an end to the United States, if too many of us sit quietly. The Democratic Party has always been willing to bargain for the good of the country. The old Republican Party was the same. What is wrong here? How can anyone think that this Republican Party… is politics as usual? Answer: we have very little reliable, easily accessible news media …as we once did. I recommend the new HBO “Newsroom” series for a wake up on this subject.


      • Robert, Thank you for the comment. It seems to me that anyone with eyes and ears should have no trouble connecting the dots between the first video and the second. Only one of them can be the truth. And it’s the first. Whether calculated in advance or coined on the spot, the birther stuff was clearly NOT about being born in Michigan; it was about … continuing the lie about the President. No other candidate for President has ever experienced this kind of poison. But all of the others were white, weren’t they? And, therefore, their existence was legitimate, in the eyes of parties dominated by white men. The calculus of the eight years you describe is unpatriotic in the extreme. Bring down the democratically elected President of the United States by every means possible. Block every appointment, cast aspersions about ulterior motives and secret religious of political commeitments, attack like lions or rat terriers, depending ont he situation, and, at every turn, call America’s first black President “unAmerican.” I join you in being weary of being polite. I put this contrast out without comment because the two pieces side-by-side speak for themselves. But we both know how often people choose not to hear or see. As the old saying goes, perception is nine-tenths of reality. Somewhere there is also another 10 percent!


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