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I’m afraid there won’t be any men left in Hollywood. The way things are going, they will all be out on sexual assault charges. This is not me saying this stuff didn’t happen. I’m positive it did. I always thought it was going on. Everything I knew about people in show business said that powerful men abused women pretty much all the time and got away with it because … they were powerful men.

Some guy I know suggested he had thought that it was a mutual thing. Sort of humorous.

No, it wasn’t. Not mutual nor humorous. Guys who force women to have sex don’t look like a young Robert Redford. Guys who can have any woman by saying “Hey baby … ” and she faints in his arms, don’t need to force anyone to have sex. Okay, well, there are some pretty weird guys out there, so who…

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  1. I suspect that in the end, little will change. The faces will be different, but powerful men will abuse the women because they can and because it is part of the culture of power. It always has been, since humans organized into groups. It would be nice if out of this came something that at least allowed a woman to lodge a complaint without losing her career in the process … but who knows? This might actually make it worse.


    • It’s hard to know, isn’t it! It’s in vogue in the current news cycles. But, as we’ve learned, and as Garry knows better that we, that doesn’t mean much. Memory is fleeting in this culture. And as soon as we assume a problem is getting fixed — like the military-industrial complex or the 2008 financial debacle that led to short-term gains for the American public, it often gets worse. We’ll see.

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