4 thoughts on “Pete Seeger – Don’t give up!

  1. Thank you so much, Gordon, for the two Pete Seeger posts. It does so much for me when I hear Pete sing and speak, and I have been fortunate enuf to see him in concert in the past. Today I am much more in touch with myself than what is going on in our country, but in those posts he was speaking to me.

    Today I saw a neurosurgeon at Emory Hospital who says I have an artery in my neck that is pressing on my spine and causing problems. This is rare but the surgery will prevent my problems from getting worse. I won’t have this done till May or June. The closing on our house in Boone is at the end of Apr. We’ll go up for that so we can see all our friends.


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    • Cynthia, So glad, but not surprised, you like the Seeger posts. He’ll always be a favorite of mine as well.

      So sorry to hear about the artery pressing on your spine. I sure hope they are able to work some kind of medical miracle to prevent additional problems. May is a long time to wait., no? Why the wait?


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