Ferguson, Missouri

“Hands up. Don’t shoot!” Ferguson, Missouri is not new.

Think Detroit 1967. Think riot police, National Guard. Think Chicago 1968 Democratic Convention. Think The Kerner Commission Report on police violence. Think armored vehicles. Think tanks. Think guns on tripods. Think Afghanistan. Think Iraq. Think occupation. Think race. Think black. Think white. Think guns. Think Trayvon Martin. Think militarization. Think occupation. It’s all a replay.

Think… America.

4 thoughts on “Ferguson, Missouri

  1. That doesn’t mean we have to allow it to continue. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a responsibility to do whatever we can to stop it from continuing, whether we succeed or fail.


    • Kip, Absolutely. Please don’t misunderstand. I’ve stood in the middle of riots caused by police violence. I’ve been there in 1968. The Kerner Commission hit the nail on the head. Morally responsible people have to do whatever we can to stop it, as you say. Writing about it one way to contribute, whether we succeed or fail, as you say. Thank you, Kip! Couldn’t agree more!


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