Boy gets a life Lesson on Halloween

Small boy dressed as Robin. I give him candy and he says “I don’t like that. I want the M&Ms in the bowl.” I say, “I already gave you candy”. He says, with more belligerence, “I want the M&Ms”. I say, “Take what you got kid. You can’t always get what you want. How’s that for a life lesson?” Diane bans me from handing out anymore candy.

– Mark Wendorf, Sanford, ME, friend and colleague with a great sense of humor. Diane is Mark’s spouse.

4 thoughts on “Boy gets a life Lesson on Halloween

    • I do. Somehow this treater-trickster went around with a different attitude only to meet his match in Mark. Mark, BTW, was co-pastor of the poorest church in the poorest neighborhood of Cincinnati and has been a homeless-advocate for many years. He’s not big on white privilege 🙂


  1. So grateful that EVERY child who came to our door for candy said “thank you.” If the younger ones forgot, the older bros and sis’s reminded them! This neighborhood’s families are doing a lot that is good in terms of parenting. Also had one older kid ask for a can of food for his church’s food drive. I was happy to give him both candy and a can!


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