4 thoughts on “Pavlov’s Dog and American Illusion

  1. There are far too many people who know only the first half of the famous Carl Schurz quote: “My country right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right. People instead have added “~My country right or wrong~ is still my country.” They then somehow argue from that, that it is unpatriotic to try to set wrong right. I don’t kow how Pavlov would explain that, but whistleblowers have a hard time, so a combination of fear, laziness, fallacious thinking (there is a fancy philosophical word for it, but I haven’t read Dorothy Sayers recently enough to remember it) might account for most of it.


    • Hi again, CA, maybe today will be the day when inspiration strikes again. So many thoughts, so many feelings. Hard to telescope them into words that would be worth publishing. There is only one kind of patriotism. The kind that engages the lover’s quarrel with one’s own country. Anything else is nation-worship and servitude.


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