Strictly Alone

Bald, straight, strict

Balls of fire

Slips by the house

Flips on the TV

(the horses are running ) and

Flips it back off when

The horses have run


His horse having lost

Without a word he slips out

The way he slipped in

Balls of fire

Bald, straight, strict

Uncle Harold…

Strictly alone.

– Gordon C. Stewart, June 6, 2012, Chaska, MIN

14 thoughts on “Strictly Alone

  1. He sounds, not necessarily reclusive, but solitary. Your real uncle? I’m assuming so. It’s interesting to think about what animates him. Is he an interesting man?

    I have 3 new posts on Temenos about my family tree. Uncle Eld may be an opposite to Uncle Harold. Then again, maybe not.


    • It is my real uncle. He had been a Presidential Director of the Budget, President of the American Association of CPAs, Chair of the Budget and Finance Task Forces for the two Hoover Commissions responsible for eliminated waste in federal spending, VERY wealthy, very powerful, VERY generous with his money, owned five homes in Manhattan (NYC), Greenwich (Conn.), Glouster (MA), and two in Rockport, MA. This incident took place at the house my grandparents lived in by his grace. They were in awe of him and his achievements. To the rest of us he was a giant. Above us. Looking down on us. Expecting great things but God help you if you didn’t achieve as he had. He was married in his mid-40s, had two children, spent little time with them – very aloof, detached, great smile, hard not to respect or to love, but, it seems to me, he was locked in the spiritual and economic prison of high expectations and fear of losing his weal position.


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